Notis for High Schools

Your school community app

Notis is the platform students love with the features administrators need.

  • Club and group management
  • Student resources all in one place
  • Reward system
  • Student post approval
  • Push notifications to your students
  • Parent communication
  • Voting and surveys
  • Attendance and engagement tracking

Track Student Attendance

Track attendance easily through the Notis geo-fence or QR code check-in systems and gamify event participation by offering redeemable points to those who come.

Let students contest to be at the top of your school’s participation leaderboard to motivate their involvement even further.

Notis also offers a check-in and check-out system for academic purposes such as tracking service and make-up hours.

The only engagement software that pays you

Not only is Notis free to you but using the platform to its fullest gives you precious digital marketing space to sell to vendors.

Add Notis to the list of tools available for your existing community partners and earn money from the platform.

Let’s get started

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