Notis for Colleges

The app students use

We asked students what features they wanted most in a school app and then put those features in Notis. By focusing foremost on students, Notis empowers even the most apathetic to engage with their campus. College administration then reap the benefit of an actively used platform with no effort on their part.

  • Club and group management
  • Event Check-In & Reward System
  • Immediate student feedback and analytics
  • Push notifications to your students
  • Student resources all in one place
  • Safe campus-based marketplace
  • Personalized Content

Effortless school wide communication

Reaching students is hard. Social media avenues are both out of style and require you to compete with non-school related content. On the other hand, school communication software is expensive, difficult to implement, and doesn’t engage with students in the way they want.

Notis offers the solution; a free social communication platform that only supports school content and useful resources, completely managed by students. See notis’ features here.

The only engagement software that pays you

  1. Not only is Notis free to you but using the platform to its fullest gives you precious digital marketing space to sell to vendors.
  2. Add Notis to the list of tools available for your existing community partners and earn money from the platform.

Let’s get started

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