Engaged Students.
Informed Parents.
Happy Teachers.

Get the safest, most effective solution to manage your school's communications with no need to rely on social media or other platforms you don't control.

When students provide content, other students listen. This reality is at the heart of Notis so your announcements, resources, and engagement tools get used. No more unread emails. No more messages lost in social feeds.

What is Notis?

Notis is an engaging, fun-to-use app developed from the student perspective while integrating all the functionality asked for by administrators, teachers, and parents.

Forget about using multiple apps to manage communication, student engagement, and community involvement. Notis brings it all together into one place with an intuitive interface.

• Help students get involved beyond the classroom.

• Get parents more fully engaged in their students' success.

• Reduce the burdens placed on teachers to connect with their students.

• Streamline administrative communications.

These benefits – and many more – are yours with Notis!

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Notis Is Built to Connect...

Student student

Students with Students

Student - teacher

Teachers with Students

Parent - teacher

Parents with Teachers

school - district

Schools and Districts with Everyone


Nurture Thriving Students

Notis provides the tools used by teachers, parents, administrators, and students to increase engagement beyond the classroom.

Announcements for sporting and other events, mental health resources, club communications, and much more are all here in one controlled, safe environment so everyone can work together to help students thrive!

By Students, For Students

While your administrators maintain ultimate control of communications and other activities through Notis, students play a vital role in providing and managing content.

When students speak, other students listen. Notis is the only app of its kind, providing leadership opportunities for students to manage content, creating a real-world education opportunity while reducing administrators' and teachers' workloads – all in a controlled, safe environment.


A Single, Approved Platform for Your Entire School

One app to replace them all: that's Notis!

No more frustrated parents or students who are asked to keep track of multiple apps for different class and group communications.

No more unsecured apps that risk allowing in unauthorized users.

No more relying on social media or over-filled email inboxes to get important messages to teachers, students, and parents.

What We Deliver:

Increased awareness of and access to school experiences and resources that build students and create a thriving community of all stakeholders in students' success.

Pay for Notis, or Get It FREE!

Many schools find our fee structure very affordable and wish to keep Notis free of commercial content for their schools. We get that! These schools simply pay for Notis at the reasonable rates you'll find below.

Other schools wish to use Notis without dipping into their budgets. These schools simply offer a sponsorship opportunity to a local company they already have a relationship with. These companies get superior value with the exposure they receive for their minimal investment.

The option is yours. We're here to help you get set up and going whichever way you choose to go.

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