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Whether you want to simply find out what’s going on, or find a job, Notis has you covered.

Notis features

  • Marketplace
  • Housing
  • Events
  • Student Deals
  • Jobs & internships
  • Clubs & groups
  • Scholarships
  • School resources

Post your content

Notis is the only school app that gives students power to create all the content.

Go ahead and post your upcoming event, sell those books, and start that new club.

Nathan Rasmussen
Talon Dillman
Hannah Weaver
Simon Anderson
Taylor Johansen

Your ultimate school resource

Besides connecting socially, use notis to review, rate, and chat about your classes. Access other resources directly through the app such as campus maps, and administrative services. Here’s what people are saying about Notis.

Let’s get started

So what are you waiting for? Download the app now… Or later… We don’t care as long as you do it sometime and start making the most of your student experience.

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