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Reward Points and Prizes

Use our built-in reward points system to encourage students to participate in anything you want them to. This tool is your school's private digital gamification app. Students can earn points for picking up trash, academic achievements, volunteering in the community, attending events, or anything else you can imagine. It's up to you!

Reward points are redeemed for prizes and other items as determined by your school.

This is a popular tool with vast possible applications. Take a survey using your Notis survey tool to discover how your students would like to be rewarded!


Event Management

Increase student attendance to your school's events using our event reward system.

Students check in using our geo-fencing technology. Points are added to their accounts. You decide how students get to redeem their points!

This feature can be used for sporting, volunteer, academic, club, community, and other events.

Event Management Device Screenshot
Event Management Device Screenshot

Announcements and Newsletters

Boost the views of your school's important information by putting it directly into the hands of parents and students.

Create instant announcements for everyone to see, or send out your periodic newsletter with a link to your website or a downloadable PDF. This feature is flexible and highly effective!



Give parents, students, and teachers the reminders they need so important items don't fall through the cracks.

No more forgotten photo days, items needed for class, parent-teacher conferences, etc. Notis will also remind users that events have started and prompt them to check in to earn points!

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Club Management

Provide students and advisors with a safe club management tool. This is the place for club communication and private club event management. Students connect and feel comfortable so they can be themselves – with the benefit of being under the safety of your school's secure app.

You can even use Notis to help students find new clubs to join within your school community. And since the content is student-generated, engagement goes up!


Group Chats

Students need a place to message each other – either privately or in a group. Since Notis is your school's private digital community, students feel safe and real connections become the norm.

Notis is so purposefully thoughtful about private communication that unless a user has a reason to privately message another user (e.g. they are on a team together, are lab partners for a class, etc.) they can't, virtually eliminating the opportunity for cyberbullying.

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Event Management Device Screenshot

Parent Communication

Increase parental involvement by giving them one communication channel where they can stay current with announcements and messages from individual teachers, your school, or your entire district.

Students whose parents are aware and involved perform well and feel supported. Notis makes it easy to bring parents more fully into their students' experiences at school.


Scheduling Tool

Set up meetings between teachers and parents with our built-in scheduling tool. Teachers select slots they are available, and parents book these times to meet with the teachers.

This tool provides a way to ensure parents increase their involvement in their children’s education without making them wait for scheduled parent-teacher events. Teachers maintain full control of their schedules and availability simply and effectively!

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Event Management Device Screenshot

Polls and Surveys

A powerful way to increase student and parent engagement is to involve them in decision-making processes. Easily get feedback on anything from the upcoming prom's theme to community project ideas and beyond. The possibilities are limitless! And since it all happens on your private platform, you know you're getting real feedback from your real audience.


Live Feed

Provide students, parents, and teachers with real-time, updated information on everything important to them. Your school community wants to know what is going on. Notis provides a way to keep everyone informed in an intuitive, live feed.

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Mobile and Desktop Versions

Access everything Notis offers through your mobile phone or a desktop/laptop computer. Everyone is connected to your school in the way that works best for them!


Revenue Streams

At your option, your school can make money from businesses that want to advertise to your students and parents. You set the parameters. Businesses provide deals, announcements, or other marketing messages. Your school keeps 70% of the ad revenue! This is a great fundraiser for teams, programs, or the entire school.

Businesses can also sponsor your entire Notis subscription to become a headline sponsor for your school.

If you don't want commercial messages on your school's version of Notis, no problem! You are always 100% in control of the features you choose to use for your school.

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Jobs and Internships

Give students access to job listings or help them engage in internship programs. This valuable feature allows your students to grow outside the classroom and also helps you develop relationships with other organizations in your community.


Online Safety Features

All Notis users are approved and controlled by your school. No one can access your Notis community without your school's approval. Any user can be removed through the school's dashboard.

Notis has been designed from the ground up with students' safety and high levels of security at its core.

Online Safety
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Admin Dashboard

Every feature and tool in Notis is conveniently accessible from the admin dashboard.

Manage user access, view vital statistics, and implement the many tools in Notis in the way you see fit for your school's specific situation – all from a clean, intuitive admin dashboard.


Discounts and Deals

Students and parents love discounts. It's that simple.

Notis provides a fun way to engage with the companies that support your school while saving some money for your students and their families. Everyone wins!

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Event Management Device Screenshot

Inspiring Content

Inspire students in every facet of their lives using digital content such as images, quotes, and resources that promote mental and emotional well-being.

This positive content is provided by school administrators, teachers, students, and councilors, placing it directly into students’ hands where they see it daily. What a fresh change from the many negative messages students are subjected to on social media!


Emergency Alerts

All of your parents, students and staff can receive instant alerts regarding school closures, lockdowns, natural disasters, or any other critical events. This ensures peace of mind and real-time information for all who need it. It serves as a crucial tool to ensure the well-being of students and maintain effective communication during serious situations.

Emergency Alerts
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Safe Content

Say goodbye to negative content. Notis is your uplifting, beneficial platform for building students and creating a positive school environment.

You control the content.

You control which features and tools are used and how.

Finally – all of the benefits of high-tech communication and engagement without all the downsides of social media!


Only Approved Users

Cyber bullies, predators, and other threats to your students' well-being don't gain access to Notis.

You control who has access. Period.

Notis is the only product available that combines its suite of tools and features with strict access controls. Your students' safety is a top priority for you. It should be similarly important to your technology partners.

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