Notis for High Schools

Your school community app

Notis is the platform students love with the features administrators need.

  • Club and group management
  • Student resources all in one place
  • Event check in system
  • Student post approval
  • Push notifications to your students
  • Parent communication
  • Voting and surveys
  • Student behavior data

Track attendance at events

Utilize our event check-in system to track student attendance & increase participation at your school events.

Gamify event participation by offering redeemable points to those who attend.

Everything in one place

Give your high school the mobile app for everything a student, administrator, or parent needs to have to stay involved and up-to-date.

List all your student resources for easy access.

Use our Alert system to reach students and parents for anything you feel is important. Bad weather, traffic issues, a stranger on campus?

Parents use Notis to stay informed with what's happening at school and access school resources.

Let’s get started

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