Nurturing Thriving Students Through Connection and Engagement

Notis is the vehicle that puts content, resources, and engagement tools in the palms of all student success stakeholders' hands. We partner with schools and districts to provide the best solution to safely manage communications and enhance student engagement.

We started this journey in 2013, carefully crafting a solution that – first and foremost – delivers what students want in the way they want it. This is our 'secret sauce' and sets us apart from other platforms that fail to engage students.

Our meticulous work, multiple iterations, and perseverance through a pandemic have resulted in a service that students love, administrators applaud, teachers see as the link to their students they have been missing, and parents wonder why someone didn't develop long ago.

We are a team of community-minded business owners, parents, innovators, and developers who believe it's time for everyone involved in nurturing thriving students to have the tools we collectively need to fulfill that mission all in one convenient, intuitive, secure app. That's why we've invested these years into creating Notis.

We hope you find it as beneficial as we have found it fulfilling to bring to you.